Saturday, August 6, 2011


Update for the Song Bird fabric collection.  I know it has been a long time coming, although, I need you to hang in there with me, because the fabric collection is now being auditioned to specialty fabric quilt stores world-wide.  Currently, the Song Bird collection is making its rounds with the fabric Distributors such as, Troy Distributors, Needle Craft, Inc., and Checker Distributors.

If you're following my web blog and, happen to own a specialty fabric quilt store, please click on one of the websites below to order the Song Bird fabric collection. 

Checker Distributors:

Troy Distributors:

Needle Craft, Inc.

I know you will enjoy the new fabric collection.  There are so many items you can create with the fabric, although, first and foremost, the collection is going to make for a beautiful quilt.  We will also have a contest for fat quarters of the new "Song Bird" collection.  So, please do not go anywhere, check back often, you never know when "Song Bird" will fly into my web blog.

Hugs, xoxo