Sunday, October 10, 2010

  In the picture above is my Sister-in-Law Gloria modeling the satchel while we were visiting Quilter's Paradise on Saturday. Both her and I will be attending the sewing event as well. We would love to see you there and meet you in person. As the event nears, I will post a message on my web blog and on my Facebook page.

Quilter's Paradise in the Clovis, CA will have a special sewing event between the months of Jan - Apr 2011. The class is called "Sidewalk Satchel" and will be listed in their next newsletter. The satchel above was created using the Sonoma fabric collection and, if I say so myself, it's quite adorable.

To read more about our visit to Quilter's Paradise, please visit my Facebook page below.

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  1. Love, Love that store. I visit it each time I'm back home!


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